The Cost of a Broomstick!
Marc LeBaron, CLCS, DIRT

What is the cost of a broomstick?
It's no surprise that the small and simple things can have a huge impact on any specific company. After reading the following experience I had last week the  phrase " Check your broomsticks " will both have a literal and figurative meaning
If I told you that adjusting one minor thing in your business had the ability to prevent potentially hundreds of thousand of dollars in cost to your business, you would of course do something about it.
Many of those minor things are ignored. Don't forget about them!

This broomstick could sink your ship!

Just last week I was visiting a job sight.  As I walked through I noticed a gentleman sweeping dirt from the sidewalk into a planter. Quickly I notice that the broomstick handle was broken and no longer that 2 feet in length.  I asked him why he was using that broomstick vs buying a new one.  His response  "to save money".  Apart from giving the guy 5 bucks to buy a new broomstick, I took the opportunity to educate.

First, anyone could trip and impale himself with something that sharp.  That alone would bring a whole scenario of problems an organization would prefer to avoid.  Second, and more likely, bending over the way he was and sweeping, a back injury was waiting to happen.  I explained to him that last year the average cost of  back injury workers compensation claims was $ 27,000.  When surgery was included that number increased to $ 40,000, and for back injury costs to reach numbers up to $ 250,000 was very common. (source OSHA).  If a claim were to occur and pay, lets say only $ 5,000, this would cost the business an additional estimated  premium of $ 7,500, over the next 3 years. 

That was only scratching the surface. Other indirect cost that would occur due to a back injury include, decreased employee morale, continual employee hiring and training, use of replacement workers, overtime cost, medical management, incident reporting and other paperwork, owners and staff time, potential OSHA fines and the increased costs of employee health care.
And a broomstick only cost 5 bucks!
We know business owner are strapped with time, and stressed with the current business environment. However, if you let the little things go you might find yourself in a much worse situating that with just a broken broomstick.