DIRT is a different approach to the purchasing of business insurance.  We take your insurance program that seems to drain your bank account every month, and use it as a tool to help your business become more profitable.  This is done through a unique and exclusive program that no other broker can offer, called the Dirt Process. Combining our expertise in insurance and benefits with innovative cost reducing risk management strategies, we assess your organization’s specific needs and provide custom solutions necessary to control the issues driving your insurance costs.

Does this remind you of your Insurance Renewal?


We understand you have a business to run, and purchasing insurance is not how you grow it.  Insurance  represents one of your greatest, non income producing expenses, and you need to know that it’s being managed aggressively. The traditional agent and model of purchasing insurance does not benefit the buyer.

What should a business owner look for and expect from an agent?  Remember this,“if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck”   You’ve seen them for years and you know them when they ask to quote your insurance.  The traditional agent promises good service, cheap price, same day certificates, claims management and other services that they declare to be “Value Added Service”.  We refer to these as value minimum services. More should be expected.
At any given point in time, you need the answers to three simple, but critical questions:

Am I adequately covered?
What’s going on with my account?
How do I reduce my cost?

LeBaron and Carroll's experienced advisers make sure you have the answers to all three questions all the time.