Do They Get It " your vision"
Marc LeBaron, LeBaron and Carroll

Is your workforce getting mixed messages? If so, it could be the difference between being in the red or black. The other day, I had the opportunity to interact with a group of employees at an annual party. Congratulations were in order as their cost reduction efforts had paid off as they had just passed 365 days without a lost time accident. This effort had saved the company an estimated $ 80,000 as their experience mod fell by 30 points!  After the party I overheard one employee mention that a new supervisor recently told her to improve productivity “at all costs”. 

 I know the CEO of this organization and would attest that he does not subscribe to an “at all costs” mentality.  After all, that was not the message that has carried them to the point of profitability and cost reduction they have achieved today.  For whatever reason, it was evident that the original Quality-Productivity-Safety mantra has been watered down. The message has become fuzzy and the goals unclear.  Where did this message originate?  Perhaps the CEO said, “We need to improve our productivity, our profitability depends on it”? Each manager walks away with a challenge to improve productivity and it’s left to them to figure out how to achieve the mission.  How can you clearly challenge your team to change the behaviors that are holding your company back?

The answer lies in how you motivate your team to make a change. Unlike traditional incentive programs that reward employees for reaching a milestone with pizza or cake a few times a year, real behavior changes require a deeper connection with the individual.

Let’s face it, changing behaviors is tough stuff. 

 Only after understanding the existing behaviors paired with a detailed vision of the right behaviors can we begin to make meaningful change.   Each employee is then responsible for personal management of their own behaviors and those of a team if desired.  When the desired outcome is reached, the rewards are distributed and costs are reduced.  Does every one know where the ship is headed and how to steer in that direction?