The Dirt Process focuses on risks that threaten the landscape industry and helps identify and filter down to the most critical areas of risk that threaten the future of your company. 

It is not what we do, but how we do it that differentiates this process.  As we work with businesses whose philosophies aligns with ours, we see positive results that go straight to their bottom line.  We lead clients through a three step process that allows us to educate and open their eyes to a non traditional approach to managing risk in business today.
Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.
The Dirt Process gives business owners a report of where their business currently stands compared to the industry, discovers where they want to be and provides innovative solutions to get there.  
The Dirt Process is a unique and exclusive program designed for landscape contractors no other broker can offer.  This process gives control back to business owners when dealing with their risk management and their insurance programs.  The strength of this process is that we take the insurance program and use it as a tool to make businesses more profitable. 

"It’s more than analysis and knowledge sharing.

It’s the way we work with your organization to unleash change—digging deep into your business, and helping you understand the impact behaviors have on overall costs."

All risk has a cost associated with it and the potential cost of any specific risk can be unknown. When you understand the potential for that unknown, you will understand the need to manage it.  Some risk we avoid, others we transfer or reduce, and others we accept and budget for.  We know from the national safety council that the risks we typically do not transfer (via insurance policy) “has the potential to cost us 4-10 times the amount than the risk we transfer.